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Pastor Phil is beginning a new mission and a new journey in life. The work of The Gathering is now going on the road - in the US, the UK, and beyond. You can help this dream come true with your support and prayer. We are looking to raise an initial goal of $2,500/mo to begin this journey.

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Our Story:
We are a little church with a mammoth mission. Our church is small, but thousands pilgrimage to our city every year. 1 Million people plus come to Salem, MA and we are planted in the middle of the tourist path to meet them, and offer spiritual counseling. This is a project is now moving out to places beyond Salem.

The dream It has expanded to the world:
The Burning Man Festival - Almost 60,000 people arrive in the Nevada desert at the Burning Man Festival each year, and we are there.
Rainbow Gatherings - nomadic hippie gatherings around the world
Burning Nest - a regional Burning Man festival in the UK
Stonehenge at the Summer Solstice
...and many more to come...

Thank You

Thank you for your donation, and helping make the world a brighter and colorful place.